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HERMES Kelly 28 Leather Black 2Way Handbag

HERMES Kelly 28 Leather Black 2Way Handbag

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SKU          RA016
デザイン  Kelly 28
シリアル  Circle T
ブランド  HERMES
分類         Handbag
製造年      1990
カラー      Black
材質          Leather
サイズ       W28cm x H21cm x D11cm
原産地      France
中              1
外              None
外              A
中              A


Excellent condition. No damage, no Odor, only small scratch on leather. Bag includes Dust Bag, Shoulder Strap, Padlock and Key

SA =   Not Used. New Item
A = Almost New Condition
AB = It has some signs of usage, but in excellent shape
AB- = Marks and signs of usage, but really small。
B = Many scratches and rubs, but it can be used。
D = Damage or peeling
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